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Fingerprint International - Street evangelism ministry. Part of Steiger International

It is time for people to meet Jesus and experience the freedom only he can give. The book of acts is reality, not only then but also today! It is time to carry the revolutionary message of Jesus to the streets, using radical, creative and loving ways. We live a wild and untamed, very natural but supernatural life.
And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." (Mark 16.15)

The revolutionary message of Jesus will be heard by the global youth culture. We want to transport the message in creative outreaches using art, music and special actions. We also want to live a lifestyle of loving our neighbors.
Steiger is a worldwide mission organization that is called to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus.

Steiger raises up missionaries and equips the local church to proclaim the message of Jesus in the language of the Global Youth Culture and establishes long-term teams in cities through ongoing outreach, discipleship and local church partnership.

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Creativity - it's the best instrument to preach the Gospel. We, want to offer you some creative methods to preach the Gospel. We have been using these methods for 3 years. Through these projects thousand of people in different parts of the world have heard the Gospel.
You don't need a huge budget or superpowers. You can easily incorporate one of these ideas together with your friends.
Stephan Maag – heute ein Nachfolger Jesu, der keine Scheu davor hat, aufzufallen und ungewohnte Wege zu gehen, um Gott in den Mittelpunkt zu stellen. Seine Lebensthema ist die Suche nach Freiheit. Früh wurde er kriminell und sammelte Erfahrungen mit Drogen, er suchte Sinn in Esoterik, verdiente viel Geld, machte Karriere und war ein Reisender unterwegs im Bus, aber sein Herz war leer…

Doch sein Leben drehte sich um 180 Grad, als Gott ihn rief. Und damit begann das echte Abenteuer, ein wildes und wahrhaft freies Leben — Glaube ohne Kompromisse. Er predigt das Kreuz mit verrückten Aktionen, in den verschiedensten Ländern lebt mit Obdachlosen und Mördern und reist in Länder, in denen Christen unterdrückt werden. Dabei begegnen ihm immer wieder Wunder. Er lebt die Apostelgeschichte …

Ein mutmachendes Buch, voller Geschichten wie Gott heute noch Menschen heilt und befreit und in schwachen Menschen unmöglichses möglich macht!

Das Buch erzählt packend die Entstehung des Vereins Fingerprint, von der Stimme aus dem Baum, über die Reise mit Pferd und Wagen, hin zum Schmuggel von Geld für Menschen in Not. Ein Buch voller Mutmachender Geschichten…
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Supplies: one or two wide mouth jars, a table, "messages" prepared in advance, signs that say, "Messages from God"

Preparation: Before the outreach, select, print up, cut out, and roll up Bible verses, forming a scroll/tube. Seal each scroll by cutting across a wide cocktail straw and putting a small piece of it on every "message". Put all the Bible verses into the jar.

How it works: During the outreach, invite people to take a message from the "Messages from God" jar. Then try to start a conversation by asking questions such as, "What do you think about the message you chose?", "Does this message relate to you?", "What does it mean to you?". While discussing the content of their message or explaining the meaning of the Bible verse, you can share the Gospel and offer to pray for the person.
Supplies: two chairs (during winter, you can put blankets on the chairs), signs that say, "Miracle Chair", "Do you believe in miracles?" or your own variation.

How it works: Invite people to sit on the "Miracle Chair" so you can pray for them, explaining that you believe God is able to resolve any issue and bless anyone. Once someone sits, ask what specific things you can pray for: healing, family issues, work, etc., and then briefly pray for them. Afterwards, ask for feedback from them with questions such as, "How do you feel?", "Do you still have any pain?" We've seen that, often when we pray for people, they experience the power of God and sometimes cry. It is often easy at this time to share about the love of God and to explain the Gospel.
Supplies: two boxes with a hole on the top of each, big enough to put a hand inside. Paint one box white and label it "Take" and another grey, labeling it, "Leave". You also need sheets of paper to write on, printouts with encouraging verses from the Bible, individually cut for the "Take" box, pens, and signs saying, "Take the good, leave the bad", "Exchange the bad for good", etc.

How it works: Invite people to get rid of negative feelings and emotions, things that hurt and hinder them from moving forward. Have them write all the negative things on a sheet of paper, and then put them into the "Leave" box. After that, let them take something good ("an encouragement," "blessing," or "word from God") from the white "Take" box. You can continue the conversation, explaining the Bible verse that they selected from the box. Afterwards, offer to pray that God would deliver them from the negative feelings they put into the grey box.
Supplies: A whiteboard with markers or a blackboard with colored chalk, signs that say, "What is love?", "Write/draw something representing love" etc.

How it works: We invite people to draw or write their definition of love. There are a couple of variations on how to carry out this project – people either write/draw on a board, or use chalk on the pavement. After they are done, ask them questions like, "What does your drawing symbolize?", "Why do you define love like this?" Then you can share what love means to you, leading the conversation to share about the love of God and Jesus' sacrifice for us. You can also offer to pray for the person to experience real love in their life.
You need: enough white faceless masks for the whole team.

How it works: The team walks through the city centre all wearing masks, walking towards a previously agreed meeting spot, ideally a very public and busy area (e.g., central square). On arrival at the spot, the leader blows a whistle and the whole team falls to the ground, lying around on the floor. The leader then removes his mask and preaches a Gospel message about how we all wear masks, but that we can find our true identity in Jesus.
You need: a coffin strong enough to hold a preacher. Signs saying "Are you alive?", "Dead or alive?", etc.

How it works: The team carries a coffin into a busy public area, with various team members holding the signs. At a chosen location the team sets the coffin on the floor and the preacher jumps out and shares a message about how we can find life in Jesus.
We attract people's attention with songs and dancing and other expressions of art. Then one of the artists shares the gospel and other team members talk to people.
Supplies: helium balloons, sheets of paper (sticky notes), pens, signs that say, "Release your Dream", "Do you have a dream?"

How it works: Start by asking people questions like, "What is a dream?" and "What are your dreams?" After that, invite them to write their dream on a sticky note, stick it on the balloon, and let it fly away. Before letting the balloon go, offer to pray for the person, that God would make their dream come true. This often puts people in a good mood, opening them up for conversation. After praying for them, you can ask "What do you feel now?" You might also share a personal testimony and explain the Gospel.
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